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How do gutters protect your home?

Gutter and Downspouts perform two main functions. First they help capture and direct the roof run-off water away from the house. Second, they help protect the exterior surface and perimeter grading of the home from water damage that can result from the roof run-off water running down the side of the house or eroding the soil around the home.

Gutters come in different shapes and sizes and should be selected based on particular conditions of your home, including aesthetics, slope and size of roof, and local weather conditions. The standard gutter is made of aluminum and is attached to the fascia board at the eaves (roof line of the home) The standard gutter is 5″ wide. The size of the gutter should match the anticipated amount and volume run-off for the roof.   Gone are the days of the boring white gutters!  Your gutters can even match the color of your home:

Don't Overlook the Details.

Homeowners tend to overlook the importance of their homes soffit and fascia. These two elements work together to complete the look of a home while also providing vital protection to the homes interior and roofing system.

When a homes soffit, fascia and gutter system are properly coordinated, it creates a harmonious and eye-catching look that greatly improves the aesthetic value of your home.

At Castle Enterprises, we offer repair, replacement and installation options to help homeowners find the perfect solution to their soffit and fascia needs.

Does Your Soffit and Fascia Need Replacing?

A homes soffit and fascia are vulnerable to water damage and rot. Malfunctioning gutters and improper installation can lead to costly damage and eventually require replacement.

If you are experiencing the following issues, you may need to replace your homes soffits and fascia:

  • Leaking gutters
  • Insect and animal infestation
  • Signs of water damage on interior walls
  • Frost in the attic

Castle Enterprises can evaluate the problem and help you find a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

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With Castle Enterprises, you don’t have to compromise on price and quality. Here you get both. Not only are our low prices fair, we also insist on superior levels of quality that other companies can’t even touch.

For gutter, soffit, and fascia installation in the South Suburbs, come a leading contractor, where you’ll never be hassled with high-pressure sales or gimmicks.

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